Floating Dock 2 (Vlissingen)
Length: 120m
Breadth: 23.6 / 22.1m
Lifting capacity: 6.000 tons

Shore Crane
Reach 20m: Lifting capacity 20 tons
Reach 60m: Lifting capacity 6 tons

Layby Berth
Alongside the docks ships can moore for repairs and maintenance.

Repair Berth
Length: 410m
Draft: 9.50m

(non-gasfree permit)

The very well equipped shipbuilding workshop is fit for all jobs like section building, hatch cover repairs, pipe-fitting and all kinds of construction jobs.

In our own machine shop jobs on propellor-shafts can be carried out. For electrical jobs there is a modern electrical workshop for and all possible engine jobs are being carried out in the general workshop.